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9 Card Omaha



9 Card Omaha is a extended variation from Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo.

There are two ways to play this game:

* You can play this games in regular Omaha way in PLO, NL or Fixed Limit.
* Players puts example $10 in the pot and winner takes it all.

How to play 9 card Omaha in the regular way.

2-4 Players game.

The only different from regular Omaha is that all player starts with nine card and will end up on the River with a 4 cards Omaha hand.

Each player are been dealt 9 cards.
Every player must discard two cards before the flop and discard two more cards on the flop.
On the turn players must discard one card and have remaning 4 cards.

How to play 9 card Omaha.

2-4 players

Each player are posting their bets before the cards are been dealt.
The best hand wins the pot.
High card for the button, and the player who is left for the button is first (UTG-under the gun) to act all the way to the river.

Pre flop

There will be no betting rounds pre-flop, flop, turn or the river.
When all players have been dealt their 9 cards, UTG starts to annonce if he/she holds the NUTS which is AA pre flop if one players holds the nut or not, players will discard two cards.

If a player is not telling that he holds the nuts, the hand will be mucked and can not continue playing.
UTG is first to discard two cards and the other player follows.


UTG is first to announce a possible NUTS.
Ex in a in 6-7-8 of suite flop, 9-10 is the NUTS.
in a As-2s-5s suite, 3s-4s is the NUTS, not Ks-Qs
Players discard another two card, and are left with 5 cards.


UTG is first to announce a possible NUTS.
Player will now discard their last card and are left with 4 cards.
If a player announce NUTS will lay the hand face up.
And all player are comparing their hands before the river card.


The player with the best hand wins the pot.

This is a game that where players will see bad beats and bad runs from the flop to river.