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Badugi is a triple draw four card low-hand wins game! The best low hand is comprised of four cards, with none of the same suit and none of the same rank; i.e. ace, two, three, four, all of different suits is the best possible hand.

Best possible hand:

When you find yourself holding 4 cards of different rank and suit,
then you are holding a Badugi.

How the Dealing Works:

Each player is dealt 4 cards in a clockwise direction starting from the player on the small blind. Cards are dealt to each player one card at a time. Once everyone has their 4 cards, the action begins with the player to the left of the big blind and continues around the table in a clockwise direction.

How to play Badugi:

Each player is dealt 4 cards, after which the first betting round ensues, based on the strength of each players initial 4 cards. The betting amounts will depend on which variation of Badugi you are playing, Limit, Pot Limit, or Half Pot Limit.

1. First bet round:
In this round, the first player to act is the first participating player clockwise from the big blind. The player may fold, call, or raise. Each player in clockwise order is asked to bet (call, raise, fold, or check). Once everyone has had their turn and all bets are matched, you move on to the first draw.

2. First draw round:
Players are offered the opportunity to draw zero to four cards, clockwise from the first participating seat to the left of the dealer button. Players select which cards to keep and which to replace through a draw. Drawing no cards is known as Standing Pat.

3. Second bet round:
Once players have completed their first draws, the second betting round is held. Again, the bet increment uses the low stakes.

4. Second draw round:
Same as first draw round.
Third bet round: Same as second bet round, only exception is that on this round, the high stake is used for the betting increment.

5. Third draw round:
Same as second draw round, applying reshuffle of discards as is necessary.

6. Final bet round:
The final betting round follows the same rules, using the high stake and leads to a showdown if more than one player remains standing.


A badugi is a 4 card hand of all different suits and values.


What is a 3-card hand?

A 3-card hand is a hand that has one card copying another, either by suit and/or by value, therefore reducing the overall value of the hand to simply 3 active cards.
A Badugi hand always beats a 3-card hand.


What is a 2-card hand?

A 2-card hand is a hand that has 2 cards copying the other 2, either by suit and/ or value, therefore reducing the overall value to simply 2 active cards.
A badugi hand and a 3-card hand always beats a 2-card hand


What is a 1-card hand?

A 1-card hand is the worst possible hand whereby the overall value of the hand is reduced to simply one card due to copying by suits and/or value


How are hand rankings determined?

Hand values are determined from highest card down to lowest card.





The showdown rules follow those of Texas Holdem. In brief, the player whose last bet is called, if there is one, shows cards first. If there is no last aggressor, showdown begins from the first participant holding cards, clockwise from the dealer button. As hands are shown, players with losing hands may muck or show, similar to Holdem. Once the showdown is complete, the winner is announced and awarded the pot.


Obtaining Badugi is your first priority. If you hold ace, 2, 3 different suits and your fourth card copies a suit of another card with no draws left, and people have been standing pat, get out! Although you have the best three card hand, it'll be useless against a badugi. If you dealt the above example youll only ever draw to badugi 47% of the time after drawing three times, you could lose to Kc, Qd, Js, 10d; this tends to make the game very frustrating.

Badugi Poker is like any other poker game, to be good you need to know when to fold'em. Overall discipline is the best badugi strategy you can use.