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Basic Strategy


Basic Strategy:

In Omaha high-low your goal is to scoop the pot. That means winning both the high and the low. You don't want to play in a manner where you frequently are quartered or get to split the pot. This means that you are being very selective of what starting hands you play and that you are being very selective about what hands you play after the flop. Below is a check-list of skills and advice that can help you improve your chances of winning at Omaha high-low.

Advice for overall play

* Seldom raise before flop.
* Remember that your aim is to scoop the pot.
* Be able to fold on the flop very often.
* Play premium starting hands.
* Table selection. Only play in loose games where five or more players see the flop on average.
* Be skilled at calculating pot odds.
* In general, you should only play hands that include A2-, A-3 or 2-3 for low hand, though a back up low card of course confers additional value.
* You should usually only play hands that have four cards (9 and higher) for high hand. In order to mix-up your play, you should occasionally play A-4 suited and A-5 suited if the other two cards also work well with the hand.
* Fold most hands that include a 7, 8 or 9. Most of these hands have a negative expected value.
* When you hit a good flop, play more aggressively.
* Fold your hand on the flop very often.
* Play hands that are capable of scooping the pot.
* Usually, do not play after the flop if you do not have the nut potential.
* Only occasionally bluff on the river if there is not a low hand out.
* You should bluff infrequently.
* Only play the more marginal starting hands in late position, when several players have called in front of you.

The Most Common Errors

* Playing too many starting hands.
* Calling all the way with only a high or low potential.
* Seeing flops with four middle cards, like 6-7-8-9.
* Raising with A-2 in early position and making players fold instead of seeing the flop cheaply with more players in.
* Calling on the flop with only a low draw when the flop comes with two high cards.
* Calling on the flop with only a high draw when the flop comes with two low cards.