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Playing Aces


Pocket aces in Omaha High-Low is one of the most overrated and overplayed hands in poker, especially amongst players who are more accustomed to playing Texas Hold'em. The best possible starting hand in Omaha High-Low is A-A-2-3 double-suited, and it is a hand that you would play from any position regardless of how many players have entered the pot. So, you may ask, how can any other A-A-x-x hand not be a great hand?

When you have an A-A hand, the difference in strength is significant depending on your other two cards. Again, look at the A-A-2-3 double-suited and compare this hand to A-A-5-5 off-suit. The A-A-2-3 holds potential for two different nut-flushes, plenty of nut-low combinations, and also straight possibilities. In comparison, an A-A-5-5 off-suit is a very mediocre hand and perhaps should not be played at all, other than in 2-3 handed situations.


1. A-A with two weak side cards. When you have two side cards that do not add any significant value to your hand, you should only play by raising if you are first-in from late position, or if it has been raised, no one has called, and you are in late position. In the latter case, you should make it three bets and try to isolate your opponent.
2. Hands like A-A-9-5 or A-A-9-4 should only be played heads-up. An exception is A-A-9-2 which can be played in more situations and remember that A-A-9-3 is a much weaker hand.
3. The closer your hand is to A-A-2-3 double-suited[/b] the better the hand is, and you can play these hands very aggressively.
4. A-A-x-x hands, where the x-cards are higher picture cards (for example, A-A-Q-J), are better hands than A-A-x-x hands, where the x-cards make a pair (for example, A-A-J-J).

Final Words

Do not get married to your A-A-x-x hand and only play it in multi-way pots when the other two cards add value to the hand. If you do not have suited and/or good side cards in multi-way pots, you will usually play to make aces up, a hand that often times will not be good enough to win the pot. In multi-way pots, you can assume that at least one of the other two aces is in an opponent's hand.