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Trap Hands


A very common mistake for beginner/intermediate players is to play any two big cards or any Ace from an early position and call raises with the same type of hand.

This is one of the biggest mistakes a player can make as these hands so easily become trap hands. A trap hand is any hand that has a high probability of becoming the second-best hand, costing you a lot of money if you flop to it.

The most common trap hands are:

and QT.
Many players limp in from early position and call raises in middle/late position with this type of hand. Thus, if you limp with KJ from early position, and someone in late position raises it, you could easily find yourself trapped against common raising hands such as KQsuite- AK-AJsuite-AA-KK and QQ.

This also applies when you call raises with this kind of hand. This is a mistake. The most frequent raising hands from early position include AA-KK-QQ-JJ-AQ and AK. Why would you want to call a raise with a trap hand when the raiser is likely to hold one of the above hands? Nonetheless, trap hands are playable in the right circumstances. For instance, if you are in late position and are first in, the trap hand now becomes a raising hand.