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Vilkår og betingelser

This agreement should be read in its entirety.



About us
GamingHill is a community for gaming people around the world. GamingHill is affiliated with websites selling products or services hereinafter referred to as “Partners”. GamingHill take no responsibility concerning your accounts or relationship with our partners.

Our goal is to provide special services and the best deals and promotions for our members. By doing so we produce traffic to our partners and thereby receive commission. The GamingHill community chooses to share some of this commission with the community members in various ways.

Community account
By signing up to the GamingHill community you are responsible to provide correct information regarding your account. You are also responsible for updating and changing your account information to keep it up to date. Accounts registered with false information may be closed without warning.

You are solely responsible for all activity that occurs on your community account, and you must keep your account password secure. You must notify GamingHill immediately of any breach of security or unauthorized use of your account.

You are only allowed to have one community account. The GamingHill referral system rewards all members who refer new members to our community. It is not allowed to refer yourself as a GamingHill member (two accounts) to receive referral bonuses from your own activity. Our system will regularly check all accounts for any frauds regarding referrals. If we discover any fraud in this you risk losing all your referral commissions and even parts of or all account rights.

GamingHill.com takes no responsibility for tax on any earnings you may have through our community (including but not limited to: RakeBack, bonuses, referral commission, freeroll winnings & competition winnings). This is your own responsibility according to the laws that apply in your jurisdiction.

Partner accounts & offers
Each member is responsible themselves for reading terms and conditions for each of the partners they wish to open an account with, and follow their rules (Including age restrictions). GamingHill.com takes no responsibility of account closure, tax or any other circumstances regarding your accounts with our partners.

It is important to note that several partners don’t accept multiple accounts. We advise our members to only open new accounts on partners in which they haven’t registered previously. GamingHill won’t take any responsibility if any of your accounts is closed (regardless of reason). Some of our partners accept termination of an account in order to register a new account, which then can be opened from GamingHill.com. Contact the partner in question and explain your request. You can also ask for advice in our forums or contact our support.

As a member you need to have your cookies turned on from the time you use one of our partner links until you have opened the account. Cookie-based technology is a reality that is necessary for consumer tracking for individual Internet e-businesses. A large majority of users have their cookies enabled on their browser. In the highly unlikely situation where a customer has cookies disabled, the customer is out of range of tracking and sign-ups that occur cannot be tracked. Find out more on how to enable/disable cookies in our FAQ section - How to enable cookies.
You will not receive any promoted offer if your partner accounts aren’t tracked to GamingHill.com!

Usually when you sign up at a new GamingHill partner you use a link from our partner section. Do not use any bonus codes when signing up your new accounts unless it is specified in our step-by-step signup guide for the partner in question.
You will not receive any promoted offer if your account isn’t tracked to GamingHill.com

GamingHill.com only negotiates with serious and trustworthy companies for the best deals for our community members. We keep a close and professional relationship with all our partners, however we do not take any responsibility for any errors in partner profiles, promotions, bonus offers or other deals. Any bonus offers, deals or promotions may be changed without our notification.

Community content
GamingHill.com hosts several services in which members can write comments, upload their own media files and discuss anything they have on their mind. GamingHill holds no guarantee of the contents of member uploaded text or media, however our moderators monitoring forums and media files will delete any coarse, indelicate or unnecessary posts and uploads. Members responsible for multiple occasions of such content may have part of or all account rights frozen or terminated.

Any member is solely responsible for any action done from their account such as media uploads, comments, posts and similar. You confirm that you own or have the necessary licenses or rights to upload or post all the material you choose to add to the GamingHill community. You agree that you will not submit material that is copyrighted or otherwise protected by third party rights unless you are the owner of such rights or have permission from their rightful owner. GamingHill will remove any content if properly notified that such content violates any law or are owned or copyrighted by another person or company.

You agree that all member uploaded text and media that is visible to other members can be shared by other members on other web services such as Facebook, Twitter or similar.

Your account is available only for your personal, non-commercial use. It is illegal to promote any competitive concepts, products, websites or agreements through any of the services (including, but not limited to, forum, personal messages, comments and media) provided by GamingHill.com without a permit by GamingHill.com. Violation of this rule may result in part of or all account rights frozen or terminated.

You are prohibited from posting or transmitting to or from this Site any unlawful, copyrighted, threatening, libellous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, racist or any other material that would violate any law. You are prohibited from encouraging or providing instructions for any criminal act through any of our services.

Read and follow our forum guidelines before you use our forums.

The GamingHill website may contain links to third party websites which are not owned by GamingHill.com or Marketing Concepts Ltd. GamingHill has no control over and is not responsible for any third party websites, and assumes no responsibility for the content, privacy policies, or practices of any third party website.

It is also forbidden to:
  • Gather any user information from our community members with the intention to communicate unwanted information.

  • Provide false information in your profile.

  • Share any private information of any member or other third party person by any of our services.

  • Harass, irritate or threaten other members or non-members through our services.

  • Use any automated scripts to collect any information from our community.

  • Share any material that contains software viruses or other computer code.

GamingHill.com will never sell or share your private information unless you authorize it. We will not give your contact information to our partners. Even though we do our very best to protect your information, we cannot guarantee it, so, please, use the site responsibly and do not hesitate to contact our support if you have suspicions that your privacy has been invaded.

Copyright & trademark
All content on the GamingHill website is considered the property of GamingHill.com, its users or its partners. No website content except your own user content may be copied or republished on other websites, databases or similar without the permission of GamingHill (content on your personal media section may be used freely for uploading to other websites). Members can share content that has a “share button” and/or a permanent link if they use the tools/links for such sharing.

General company rights
GamingHill.com and Marketing Concepts Ltd reserve the rights to freeze or terminate parts of or all account rights for any or no reason at any time (including termination of accounts). We reserve the rights to modify or remove any website content added by any member for any or no reason at any time. We reserve the right, without obligation, to monitor any disputes between you and other community members.

Although we provide rules for member behaviour, profiles, postings, comments and member uploads we do not control and are not responsible for what users post or share on the GamingHill community.

GamingHill.com is not responsible for any technical problems or malfunction of our services, website, servers or other computer system failure. GamingHill.com is not responsible for any injury or damage to any hardware or software owned by any community member or other due to using or downloading material from the website.

GamingHill.com takes no responsibility on user uploaded media or other information provided by any community member or offered through third party links. GamingHill.com reserves the right to change or delete any content on the website at any time without notification

GamingHill does neither encourage or forbid side bets or agreements of any kind between members on any of its forums, features, tools, games or other. GamingHill will not cover any loses as a results of such deals/agreements, and will not take any side in any disputes between its members. Any use of GamingHill forums, features, tools or games for such activity is the sole responsibility of each individual member.

You agree that in no event can GamingHill.com, Marketing Concepts Ltd or any of its directors, employees, agents or shareholders ever be responsible for any loss or damage to equipment, profits, information or persons (including injury or death) as a result of the use of any community services. This includes online and offline interaction and communications between members and/or our website.

Updates of terms
Although we may attempt to notify you when important changes are made to our terms, you should periodically review the latest version here. Marketing Concepts Ltd and GamingHill.com may modify these terms at any time. You agree to be bound by such modifications.