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Sirswings #1

Forfatter: sirswings

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One of the most popular norwegian pokerblogs have decided to leave our relatively small country to widen our horizon. Known for absolutely no bankrollmanagement at all, Sirswings is often a treat. I will also write some extraordineary stories in my blog/biography where censorship is at an absolute zero!

I was encouraged by the user "Acerjay" to post my blogs here at
the Gaminghill community, and hope you will enjoy them.

Poker/Gambling, drinking and all sorts of stories whirled into one big party!

You can also play against me at sirswings@Pokerstars Homegames

We will give out added tournaments/bounties and a tournament ranking competition as we go along. The site is now in its early days and the layout will improve significantly. Give it a shot! sirswings.com