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Sirswings #2

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Sirswings the gambler, part 1

I`ve always been attracted to gambling. I come from a family who never had much money. I was a happy kid each Saturday when me and my father studied the football matches. It was 12 norwegian or british football matches, and you have to get at least 10 of them right in some sort of parlay. This was nearly 20 years ago in the early nineties, and in Norway it wasn`t to many opportunities to gamble. We had no bookmakers, as we only had the state monopoly of sports betting.

Me and my father would compete with eachother and it wasn`t big stakes at all. But he would pay for it and split some of the winnings with me if he could afford it. My father had his problems, he had just lost his house after a bankcrupsy and he didn`t have much energy at home at the time. But at 16.00 we would sit together for two hours , and it could be quite a thrill for a young kid. I don`t know, but the idea that you could turn a hundred norwegian crowns (15$) into hundred of thousands or even more by picking the right results implemented within me.

I was thirteen when the governments monopoly for gambling increased their selection of games to play. For most people it didn`t matter that much. But for me it was a whole new world.

At the age of thirteen I started betting parlays which was the most common play at the time. The odds were terrible, I think the payback was about 60% so you
must have been an idiot or actionfreak to bet at the time. I don`t know if I understood the concept, or my father explained it to me so I wouldn`t lose all my money. The concept would of course be that punters never stand a real chance against the bookmakers in the long run.

I especially remember at the 94 olympics in Norway, I was the bookie in my school. My classmates would bet at the outrights of many events. Still aged thirteen I must have been the youngest illegal bookmaker in Norway. Today I`m just happy I got away with it.

I still gambled a lot during my teenage years, but the big money would be won or lost at the 5-card draw games which we played at school or in home games with people a bit older then me and my friends. I reckon I won some money back
then, but it wasn`t until I was nineteen or so the action really began with a boom!

We were only students at the time and we never managed to get up in the morning. One night my friend told me about this pokergame from the US called texas holdem that you could play online. We didn`t even have internet connection at home, so we decided to try the game at my friends work.

It was a football-pub, and after closing time we read the rules of texas holdem in ten minutes and just decided to give it a go. Williamhill.com was the bookmaker, and we sat down with £100 at fixed limit holdem. This was the only games they offered in the beginning. I think we lost it all in 10 minutes, and my friend didn`t
have more credit at his VISA card, but we tried the cashier one more time. Scccchhhwung!

Good idea: If you can withdraw £100 with your empty bankaccount, why not try £1000??? We didn`t have much money, but the thought that this was a bad idea never crossed our minds. We didn`t even know how to play the game yet!
SCCCHWUNG! Balance: £1100, let`s play!