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How tech and bitcoins changed the gambling industry

Forfatter: ellaarki

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Since online casinos included Bitcoin payments, more players chose this method instead of the classic bank transfers, not only because it is faster, allowing people to pay directly to the casino with no need for a third party, but also because it protects their identity and they don't need to give out their bank information in order to play casino games for real money. Another problem Bitcoin solved is the difference between currencies, as people from all over the world play online casino games and they have to exchange their money for dollars, euros or pounds, so this makes them lose some cash in the process. With Bitcoin you can gamble without revealing your identity or exposing any detail about yourself and this determined many players to use this payment method, instead of paying with their credit cards.

The evolution of payment methods was determined by the constant development of technology and a lot of other changes occurred because of the fast moving online industry. One of the most important changes the evolution of technology brought is the fact that now we have access to casino games everywhere we go. If in the past you had to go to a bar or a casino to play a slot game, for example, the constantly evolving technology made it possible for you to play a game on the subway or in any other place, directly from your mobile phone, so you save a lot of time and you don't have to put so much effort in playing casino games.

The online world changed the way we do different things, making it possible for us to do almost everything we want directly from our homes, with almost no effort and this challenged casinos to bring their games in this exciting world. While at first there were some problems, because of the lack of laws to regulate this new market and the security threats, as years passed people started trusting online gambling and they helped it grow and become more and more secure, offering easier access to each game. At first, people had to download the games in their computers in order for them to play and this required effort and time, but then providers made games available online, with no download, registration or even deposit needed. This increased the popularity of online casino games, mostly because players had the possibility to try the games for free before gambling real money.

With faster and more secure paying methods, such as Bitcoin, people started trusting online casinos more and more and they wanted to be able to play their favorite games everywhere, everytime, so this convinced developers that it would be a good thing to adapt their games so they can be played on smartphones and tablets. Now everyone can gamble directly on the mobile phone or tablet, no matter if they are on the street, at work, at home or in any other place, with no fear that their funds are in any danger and with no need to unveil their identity, thanks to the technology that keeps evolving, making it easier for us to do all the things we like with almost no effort.

The fact that casinos understood the importance of moving their games online created a new trend, and fewer people choose to go and gamble in casinos. The online gambling market grows more and more with every year that passes and this can be seen in its value, which reached 41.4 billion dollars in 2015, a huge difference from 2012, when the it was valued at 4 billion dollars. by zzzslots.com