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Tips for Novice Casino Players to Win Blackjack

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Online casinos are the hot favorite for people who enjoy gaming at their leisure time, in their comfort zone. Although numerous online games are famous among casino lovers, Blackjack is something everyone loves to play. That’s because of the excitement level and fun it instigates.

Blackjack is believed to be a game for those who are math whiz. Well, it does not need to be obligatory if you are just a new player and want to spend some time playing Blackjack at an online casino. If you are wondering what are the key blackjack rules we have short-listed a few. After gaining information given below, your thrill of playing blackjack might escalate.

- Blackjack can be played with 1 to 8 decks out of 52 cards decks.

- Aces are counted as 1 to 11 points or 2 to 9 as per the pipe value. 10 points for face cards and all the tens.

- The sum of the individual card’s point values is the value of a hand. The highest hand consists of any 1- point’s card, an ace which also outranks other 21-points hands.

- The dealer serves two cards to each player and two to self after all the players on the table have a bet. The face-down card is called ‘hole card’ while one of the dealer’s cards is dealt face up on the table.

- Dealer offers a side bet known as ‘insurance’ if he has an ace showing up to players. If the dealer’s hole card is worth 10-point card, the ‘insurance’ pays 2 to 1. This side wager is optional and does not exceed more than half of the bet.

- If the dealer has an ace showing of 10-points card, which happens after offering insurance, he can turn up the face-down card to check if he has a Blackjack. He can turn it over instantly if he finds out blackjack with him.

- If the dealer comes up with the blackjack, then all the players lose unless a player has a blackjack, but the ones with the side bets (insurance) do not. This thing results in a push. The dealer resolves wagers with insurance at this time.

- The game continues with remaining players, and they have following choices available to move forward:

> Stand: Player, with his cards, stands pat.

> Hit: A player draws another card or cards, and if the player’s total points exceed 21 because of that then he loses the game. This thing is also known as breaking or busting.

> Double: Player doubles his wagering and gets one more card.
> Split: If a player has two cards worth 10 points or a pair then he can double his bet by separating two cards and making it 2 different hands. The dealer gives the second card to each card. After getting one, a player can hit, stand or double. Doubling after splitting is not allowed. If a player gets 10 points and an ace, it counts as 21 and not as blackjack.

> Surrender: It depends on the casino rules if they allow it or don’t but mostly it is allowed on the first two cards only. When a player surrenders, he sacrifices his wager, keeps the other half and does not play his hand.

- A Player who hasn’t busted will win if the dealer goes more than 21 points.

- Winning bettors pay more money except for the winning blackjack that pays 2 to 3. Some casinos have short-paying blackjacks, a rule in favor of casinos.

Blackjack is total fun once you get to know the game and its requirements. If you are curious to try your luck at an online casino by playing blackjack, you must go to norskcasinoguide.com to select one from many options. Start today and delight yourself with gaming thrills.